Lost my pet

If you have lost a dog or a cat you should contact your local Garda station, Dog Warden, veterinary practices and animal rescues to see if the animal was reported to them. Often your pet has been found and picked up by a well meaning member of the public who is taking care of it and is now looking for its owner. Facebook is a great way to reunite owners with missing pets so make sure you get your lost pet posted and shared in your community.

If you would like KWWSPCA to post your missing pet on its Facebook page please send a photo of the animal, along with details of where last seen and any distinguishing marks. Make sure to include your name and contact phone number when send us your pet’s details.  The details (apart from your name) will be posted on the KWWSPCA Facebook page and will be shared by our followers in County Kildare, West |Wicklow and beyond.

Details of lost animals can be sent to KWWSPCA in these ways:


By law, all dogs must now be microchipped and registered to a recognised microchip data base (such as Fido or Animark) and it is also advisable to get your cats microchipped.  It is a very easy procedure at a veterinary practice and is not expensive.  Dogs and cats can quickly be reunited with their owners if they have been microchipped.  If a stray dog or cat is found, it should be taken to a vet or to a pet shop (such as Maxizoo) who should be able to read any microchip number and contact the owner without any delay.  A dog must also by law wear a collar and collar tag if it is out in a public area.  This tag must contain the owner’s  name and address and it is useful to add a telephone number as well.