This is nine year old Lucas, a really loveable dog, who was surrendered to AshtonPound in Dublin recently and came into the care of the KWWSPCA, only to be adopted almost immediately. Lucas is blind but that does not hold this little character back from enjoying life to the full. His new owner says that Lucas was very quick to learn the layout of his house and knows every part of it now. “When he feels the side of the couch, he takes a step back and then leaps on to it”, he said, “and when he hears me filling his bowl with food, he goes to the exact spot where he is fed and waits patiently.”

Lucas has a ball with a bell in it which he loves to chase around the yard. He also has a lead with ‘Blind Dog’ written on it as he can be a bit nervouse when he meets other dogs on his walks. He has built up a legion of fans around his Kerry home and everyone makes a big fuss of him when they meet.

Lucas is so lucky to have found a great owner and they are great buddies.