The KWWSPCA would like to thank all the kind people and organisations who have donated to the Society during the year. There are far too many to mention here, but just in the last month we have received many direct money donations into our bank account, including €1,000 from Murphy International. €500 from John Walshe Photo Processing, €500 from C&K Fitzpatrick Conveyor Belts, €300 from Fluffy Paws Daycare Centre, €250 from St Wolstan’s Community School, Celbridge, as well as many smaller amounts. We have also had PayPal donations and donations to our GoFundMe page. Many of you have also brought us pet food donations to the Shelter and to Noah’s Ark, including two lovely donations yesterday from Kate, collected at Kare, Naas, and from Karen, who bought us a large amount of pet food and a gift card from Maxizoo. Many of the donations are anonymous, so we cannot thank you all, but we do appreciate your generosity and would you like to send you all our best wishes for Chrismas and the New Year. Laura, who was adopted earlier this year, would also like to send her best wishes fo Christmas.