Ben & Jerry – strays

Ben & Jerry

Ben and Jerry were two very loveable rascals who came into the care of the KWWSPCA, having been found living rough in bogland in North Kildare. They had survived by catching and eating rabbits and other small mammals but were healthy and, if anything, a little overweight. They were two male terriers and we thought they were probably related. They went into a foster home for about 6 months but still went rabbiting whenever they got a chance and eventually the foster home had to return them to the KWWSPCA Animal Shelter after Ben and Jerry killed some of their pet rabbits.

At the Shelter they became firm favourites with the Volunteer walkers, despite slipping their collars whenever they had a chance to go off hunting in the undergrowth surrounding the Shelter. Even with two leads and a harness on, they still sometimes managed to escape. They always returned but it was a constant worry that they might get caught in undergrowth or get stuck down a rabbit hole – especially Ben who was a bit rotund! Despite being very popular with all the Volunteers and with a lot of the visitors, no one ever offered them a home, even when we offered to home them separately. They were very well behaved in public and loved meeting people, so they were always taken to KWWSPCA functions where they would be great representative for the Society.

Happily ever after…

At an Open Day in Maxizoo in Newbridge,  the O’Connor family saw them and fell in love with the two of them. They were warned about Ben and Jerry’s love of escaping but that didn’t deter them, and we were delighted when a forever home was offered to them together. Since then, the family has kept us up to date of their escapades – yes they still escape when they can but are well known now in the local Garda station, local shops and all around the town of Celbridge where they live, and have always been returned safe and sound.

Ben and Jerry were among the longest of all the dogs that had been in KWWSPCA care but we knew, in the long run, someone would fall in love with them and give them a loving home.

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