Kim – surrendered to KWWSPCA

Kim – when she was surrendered

The KWWSPCA was called to a house in Kildare some time ago by neighbours who were worried about a small female dog that was being neglected. She was kept out in a very small part of a back garden and although being fed and given water and had a small kennel for protection, her coat was in a terrible state – she looked like a small bedraggled sheep – and she was never walked or given any affection. The family who owned the dog said that she was vicious and they couldn’t go near her, and agreed to surrender her into the care of the KWWSPCA.

Kim after grooming
We called her Kim. She was taken to the dog groomers the next day and a new dog appeared and there was no sign of viciousness at all. She was only in the care of the KWWSPCA for a few days before finding a lovely new home and no chance of neglect ever again.

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