Smartie – found thanks to his microchip and a good samaritan

Smartie was one of our older rescue terriers who was rehomed to a very loving family. A little while later, while out for a walk, he slipped his harness to chase a fox and disappeared. His owners were distraught and went everywhere to look for him but without success.

Luckily for Smartie and his family, he was found after being missing for a week. A lady cyclist saw him while out for a cycle ride, injured, wet and very hungry, and walked with him under one arm while pushing her bike, in order to take him to her vet. It so happened that it was the same vet as Smarties’ family used and he was recognized and his owner contacted through his microchip number. Sadly, he had a very bad leg injury and had to have his leg amputated but his family are so very grateful to have him back. We wish him well with his recovery and hopefully he will not be so keen to chase a fox in future. Although, even with three legs and with a terriers’ personality, he will be well able to chase!